Your First Visit

  1. Consultation: Dr Cheff will discuss your history and your present concern.

  2. Examination: To evaluate your Nerve, Skeletal, and Muscular Systems for nerve interference affecting your Health.

  3. X-Rays: Dr Cheff decides after a thorough Examination whether he deems them necessary.

  4. Adjustment: One of four techniques will be used to best suit your individual needs: Manuel, Instrument, Light Force, or Reflex. Dr Cheff adjusts your spine to renew full function for your Nervous System so that you can heal as well as bring forth your full potential.

  5. Home Care: Your participation and commitment to Dr. Cheff’s home recommendations and exercise is vital to a faster and more complete recovery.

Your Second Visit

  1. Report Of Findings: Dr Cheff will go over his findings from Exam and X-Rays with you and discuss the Best Care Plan for ;you.

  2. Adjustment: You will receive an Adjustment on this visit.