Why Chiropractic care

Chiropractic, it’s a way of life.


I like being a chiropractor. It has positioned me to view life from a vitalist viewpoint. Chiropractic recognizes that there is an unseen, unfathomable, Universal Intelligence that gives life to everything, and this Intelligence gives to humans an Innate Intelligence that grew us from a fertilized egg to the 40 quadrillion cells that make us up today. It heals us, it grows us, and gives rise to our ability to be aware of this miracle called Life. Chiropractic recognizes how precious this moment is when a person’s Innate Intelligence is fully connected with Universal Intelligence. It is more than a mental construct, it is a way of life to become more aware and remove interferences to that flow of Life living through us everyday. A chiropractic mode is to make ongoing choices that assist our Spiritual, Mental-Emotional and Physical environment and influences to keep our brain and spinal cord connected to live life fully.


What is health?

Health is a process.

How long does it take to develop a hole (cavity) in your tooth? Do people suddenly wake up one morning with diabetes, cancer and heart disease? What color were the red bars on your scan before they were red? You know the answers to these questions already. We don’t lose health overnight. Losing health is a process, not an event.


Can the body heal itself?

The body is self healing.

The body is a self-healing organism; it has the ability to heal itself without drugs and surgery. For instance, if you cut your finger the body can heal the cut without the help of band aids or antibiotics. Your body has within it an inborn ability to heal itself; in fact, all living things have the ability to heal themselves naturally.

Range of adaptability to stress.

We have learned that physical, chemical or mental stress is what initiates the subluxation process. We have discussed examples of each type of stress, but we have yet to define what “stress” is.

What exactly is stress and how does our body adapt to it?