We have high quality, state-of-the-art digital imaging for chiropractic analysis and diagnosis.


How we minimize X-ray exposure

We offer a natural approach to health and use many techniques that reduce your X-ray exposure:

  1. Necessary views only: Only the views needed to accurately analyze your problem are taken.

  2. Up-to-date equipment: Today’s X-ray equipment uses the latest technology and safety features.

  3. Regular inspection: Government licensing and inspection assure correct working order and proper safety procedures.

  4. High speed film: Less exposure is required for each view by using faster, more sensitive film stocks.

  5. Electronic timing: High-tech timing devices make exposures 1/100ths of a second more precise.

  6. Intensification screens: Luminescent film cassettes amplify the image and reduce the exposure needed for each view.

  7. Filtration and collimation: Filtering and limiting the beam to the film size avoid exposure to other body parts.

  8. Wedges and shields: Restricting the beam to just the spine and using shields significantly reduce exposures.

  9. Thorough training: Supervising doctors receive over 200 accredited hours of training and government certification.

  10. Years of experience: Predictable, high-quality images are the result of years of experience.


An accurate record of your spine far outweighs the minimal risk. Your chiropractic X-rays will:

  • Visualize the location of spinal problems

  • Reveal pathologies and degeneration

  • Show a history of your spinal stresses

  • Confirm other examination findings

  • Make your adjustments more precise

  • Record structural and functional progress